• Our website has been visited more than 21,000 times since 2010.
  • We have 131 followers in mailing list and 58 in Twitter.
  • We have achieved the official transition initiative`s status in March 2011.
  • We founded and NGO “Ikskile Transition Initiative” in July 2011.
  • We have 8 members currently.
  • We have screened movies like The Age of Stupid, Community Solutions: How Cuba Survived the Peak Oil, Energy Crossroads, HOME, The Story of Stuff  – altogether 12 times for more than 250 people.
  • We have a tradition of organizing a permaculture workshop each summer. Together with smaller lectures, more than 150 people have learned about this concept. We aim to give a practical experience in these events, so we have tried herb spiral, vertical plant towers and rocket-stove.
  • We conducted the project “Green Movies in Green Ikskile” in October 2010. The project involved buying movies “Community Solutions: How Cuba Survived the Peak Oil” and “Energy Crossroads”, translating them and making Latvian subtitles, organizing 6 movie screenings. The project involved also full-day activities for students in Ikskile Secondary School form 10 and form 11. We showed them “The Story of Stuff”, engaged them into discussions and played “Mobility” game which aims to find better and more sustainable means of daily transportation habits. The council co-funded this project with 1100 euros.
  • We have published 2 articles about permaculture and the Transition Movement. We have given many interviews to newspapers; 2 times have talked in radio.
  • We have received a guest – Lucy Neal (Transition Town Toothing) in January 2012 and gave a presentation about our initiative in the Case for Optimism 6 (C4O6) workshop lead by her in Riga.


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