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We are proud to present to you Ikskile Transition Initiative, which is the 1st official representative of the Transition Movement in the Baltic States. We invite you to get a glimpse of the wide range of our activities by going through this page and photo-galleries. If you feel that we are on the right track, don`t hesitate to contact and support us.

Ikskile Transition Initiative has 8 members at the moment, but way much greater plans and ambitions.

Ikskile Transition Initiative from the very beginning of operation, has been a flagman that promotes the transition movement and permaculture in Latvia. We have gained a public interest, 250 e-mail followers and official recognition of the Transition Network. Dozens of our events have educated hundreds of people about the peak oil and climate change issues and local solutions like permaculture and transition concept. See the list of our achievements:  click here!

Although currently there are only 8 members in our initiative, they have invested an enormous amount of time and work to organize all of the events. See a photo-gallery and read more about the wide range of projects and activities we have had:  click here!

Ikskile Transition Initiative aims to be a platform that connects the local inhabitants and organisations who value self-sufficiency, localization and sustainability. Meanwhile, the initiative is bringing a new awareness regarding global and local peak oil and climate change challenges, so that a new motivation, focus and energy is brought to our member`s already existing activities and services.  See a photo-gallery and read more about the wide range of local services offered by our members:  click here!

We do face the scarcity of resources, but our plans are still ambitious. We plan to make a permaculture demonstration garden next to the Ikskile Free School where we will host permaculture workshops this spring. Meanwhile we have invited many guests to give public speeches about ecovillages, permaculture, geodesic straw-bale domes, raw food, simple lifestyle and the key issues of sustainable economics and possibilities to set up new means of cooperation between households. See the schedule of our events and activities:  click here!

Latvia is the country hit by crisis hardest in the EU. Therefore we face the paradox of European level prices for food and living, but minimal monthly net salary of 200 euros (1,25 per hour). Many are not getting even this, because of unemployment. Probably it is a good example of post peak economics… Permaculture and transitioning are very crucial solutions regarding these conditions, but we need your support to keep things going, since some of our most enthusiastic members do not live better and can barely afford to visit (!) meetings. Read more about our financial needs and see our current wish list:  click here!

You are welcome to support us, by donating money via PayPal.

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3 komentāri to “In English”

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  3. Ewa Says:

    What you have done and are planning to do is wonderful.and an inspiration for me, living in a small community in northern Poland. Maybe one day I will find some people here with whom we can try something similar. Thank you for leading the way in this part of the world.


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