Our financial priorities

1)    Daily expenses of NGO

The basic expenses of maintaining the NGO – bookkeeping, document printing, organising meetings and dealing with bureaucracy (transportation to Riga, letters, phone calls, etc.)…

2)    Project costs

Local projects are always associated with printing posters, renting premises and other organizational expenses… We are trying to invite different experts who are giving inspiring lectures – we need to cover their travel costs at least.
Since we plan to network and participate in international projects (like workshop about European Voluntary Service opportunities), there are many associated costs. We would like to support our motivated members to participate in these events, by covering their travel costs.

3)    Improving the quality of our projects

We would like to invest in equipment that is needed to conduct projects that we are organising like movie screenings and permaculture workshops. Our goal is to keep these events free of charge and available to local people.

4)    Development of Transition Initiative

The development means further education and the increase of our own capacity to manage projects better. We plan to buy the book “The Transition Companion” and movie “In Transition” and to translate it to Latvian, thus educating ourselves and spreading the knowledge to other groups in Latvia.
We would love to meet other transitioners by attending The Transition Conference in the UK this summer (travel expenses). Networking and sharing the experience is very crucial for us to keep the level of energy and inspiration high, so that we do not feel left alone.

5)    Public outreach

There are costs linked with maintaining the website, printing posters and leaflets, preparing articles – all that is very needed to communicate with our local and wider society. We have an idea of mobile stall for our initiative that could be used in local festivities and outdoor events. When we come to translation of movies or books to educate the Latvian society about never before discussed topics of permaculture or peak oil, costs are quite significant.
One of the most common public reactions to our ideas and concepts is “show us examples!” Therefore we plan to make a permaculture demonstration garden next to the Ikskile Free School – lots of investments needed.

Our current wish list

•    Books “The Transition Handbook”, “The Transition Companion”, “The Transition Timeline”, “The Earth from Above”
•    Movies “In Transition 1.0”, “In Transition 2.0”
•    Whiteboard for meetings
•    Printing new leaflets and a roll-up stand
•    Sending our delegation to the UK`s Transition Conference
•    Set of tools (shovel, fork, etc.) for permaculture workshops
•    Our own stall for outdoor events
•    Photo camera and printer
•    Our own office to be open to public



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